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Posted on April 9, 2016

EXPLORING ALL TREATMENT OPTIONS PAYS OFF: Raymond Rupert MD.MBA. Rupert Case Management Inc.

It is important to consider all treatment options and your insurance coverage when confronting a serious healthcare problem. Case Study: J.F. is a 69 year old male who had a sarcoma surgically removed about 3 years ago. This is a tumour similar to the one that Rob Ford had. Unfortunately, the sarcoma regrew. ¬†Since he […] Read More

Posted on February 26, 2016

Technology is Driving Value in the Insurance Industry: from ClaimVantage.

The insurance industry in the US is leading the way for insurers globally. 2015 was the year where technology took over, with insurers focusing on implementing cloud-based claim processing solutions, mobile applications, big data and analytics. These technology trends are expanding globally, but insurers in Africa are especially keen to get on board. With a […] Read More

Posted on May 13, 2015

SHOULD I BUY LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE? Raymond Rupert MD. MBA. Rupert Case Management Inc.

A number of insurers have left the long term care (LTC) insurance marketplace. That likely was the result of economic losses. The LTC market has escalating costs associated with providing long term care. With low interest rates, it is hard for insurers to match. Accordingly, those insurers who are left in the LTC marketplace will […] Read More

Posted on March 1, 2015

YOGA IN THE WORKPLACE AT AETNA PAYS OFF BIG TIME: Raymond Rupert MD. MBA. Rupert Case Management Inc.

Mark Bertolini is the CEO of Aetna, one of America’s 100 largest companies. He is a different sort of CEO. He has introduced yoga and mindfulness to his employees. And it has paid off big time for the employees and for the bottom line. After a near death experience skiing, Mark Bertolini was left with […] Read More

Posted on September 19, 2014


In the 1920’s and 1930’s, the farmers got it right. They organized healthcare cooperatives to finance healthcare in their communities. There was no government involvement. This solution worked well for the community. Unfortunately, healthcare cooperatives did not scale up in Canada. In Spain, healthcare cooperatives started in the 194o’s and 1950’s. They did, however, scale […] Read More