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Posted on April 21, 2018

National Pharmacare Is Pending: Raymond Rupert

National Pharmacare Is Pending: Let’s Think About  Maximizing Access For All Canadians  Raymond Rupert MD, MBA. The House of Commons’ standing committee on health is recommending the creation of a universal, single public payer prescription drug coverage program for all Canadians. “The committee believes that the best approach for the creation of such a program […] Read More

Posted on November 13, 2016


Sovaldi is a new biologic produced by Gilead Sciences to treat and cure hepatitis C. The cost for 2 months of treatment with Sovaldi in Egypt is $800. In Canada, Sovaldi costs $55,000. Gilead has a solid hold on the market for hepatitis C with 27 patents for Sovaldi. When analyzed, the patents are base […] Read More

Posted on May 13, 2015

ADVOCACY FOR COMPLEX DRUG CLAIMS: Raymond Rupert MD. MBA. Rupert Case Management Inc.

TAKING PATIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Raymond Rupert MD. MBA. Rupert Case Management Inc. 800 620 7551 INTRODUCTION TO BIOLOGICS: Biologics change everything. Smart medications that target the source of the disease are the foundation for personalized medicine. The treatment outcomes can be outstanding. Unfortunately, these medications are expensive and this has lead […] Read More

Posted on January 12, 2015

PATIENT’S RIGHTS TO EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS Raymond Rupert MD, MBA, Rupert Case Management Inc.

Critically ill patients and their doctors who have tried everything eventually run out of options. In order to increase their options some US states have passed new “Right To Try” laws. Patients such as Larry Kutt, age 65, of Lyon Colorado who has advanced blood cancer (multiple myeloma) has run out of options. Now under […] Read More